Join CT and Partners to learn how user awareness programmes, getting the basics right and understanding your employees can protect your organisation

Security Insights & Networking Morning

CT Head Office: Quantum Point, Sheepbridge Works, 

Sheepbridge Lane, Chesterfield, S41 9RX


Wednesday 27th March 2019


8:30am - 12.00pm

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CT Event:

When security breaches make headlines, they tend to be about the catastrophic failure of technology. BUT the reality of how this happened, whatever the size or scope of the breach, is usually caused by an action, or failure of someone inside the company.

Join CT and Key Partners to Learn how to Recognise the Critical Warning Signs

Ninety percent of data breaches seen by Verizon's data breach investigation team have a phishing or social engineering component to them. Not coincidentally, one of the hottest commodities on underground or dark web marketplaces are credentials, which attackers can use to log into enterprises and make it appear that they're legitimate users.

Whilst all organisations differ tremendously in the security of their technology infrastructures, what they all have in common is ‘people’ – all of whom have the potential to be a threat.

Our Security Specialists

Gary Hibberd, Agenci, Cyber Security Specialists

“PICNIC – Problem in Chair, 

Not In Computer."

We often blame people for being the weakest link in Cyber Security, but they are also your greatest allies. Gary will explain how to engage with your team and build the strongest defence against Cyber Attack.

Rob Fearnley, ESET, Antivirus & Internet Security Solutions

Your data is your most important asset. Keep it safe with Safetica. 

Find out how Safetica can protect

 your business data and help 

improve productivity.

Eddie Monaghan, SpamTitan, Anti-Spam Email Solutions

Eddie will be covering "Email and Web security" – two pivotal areas of protection from online threats.

Harry Bliss, Champion Health, Workplace Wellbeing Specialists

1 in 4 UK adults live with a mental health condition. More than half a million of these cases, are caused by the workplace, costing UK businesses £34.9bn per year £1,300 per employee). Harry will provide a strong case for ensuring mental wellbeing is at the forefront of your business, in addition to actionable tips. 

Jonathan Giffard, Webroot, Cyber Security Solutions & Services

Education , Education , Education. 

That's how to get end users to play a positive role in an organisation I.T security. Learn more about Webroot’s Security Awareness Training that provides end users with the skills and knowledge they need to be part of a multi-layered security effort.

Amy Hallam, BRM Solicitors, Commercial & Private Law Firm

An overview of HR best practices from BRM’s Head of Employment Law, Amy Hallam, will help you ensure that your employees are not the weakest link in your cyber security strategy.

CT’s Infrastructure Reviews & Security Audits

With business now in full swing in 2019, many mid-market organisations will be looking at the effectiveness of their business applications and the resilience and security of their IT infrastructure.

Learn why your organisation should consider a strategic IT review in 2019.

Learn about CT’s Security Audit and how our partners can help protect your organisation from CT's Technical Director, Chris Barr


8:30am - Arrive at CT for a complimentary breakfast

9:15am - CT Introduction

10:10am - BRM Presentation

9:25am - Agenci Presentation

9:40am - Webroot Presentation

9:55am - ESET Presentation

10:25am - SpamTitan

10:40am - Champion Health Presentation

10:55am - CT Close

11:00am - Refreshments and Mini-Expo

12:00pm - Event Finished

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